Blog Themes

Premium Themes

What’s the difference between a blog and premium theme?

A Premium Theme allows you to have a separate blog page in addition to your other content. This type of site template is great for content creators, service-based users, or business owners who want to show off their brand and personality separately from a blog. Premium Themes also include:
  • Custom Home Page
  • Portfolio page
  • WooCommerce-compatible shop page
  • Plus additional templates for even more personalization options.

premium Theme

Blog Theme

A Blog Theme is exclusively for a blog page. This type of template has photo sliders and layout options that are a little bit different with each theme. They offer various templates such as:

  • Category Page
  • Instagram Page
  • Archive Page
  • Landing Page

Blog Themes are also typically Gutenberg compatible for even more customization options through WordPress. They’re simple, easy, and beautifully showcase your best and most recent blog posts.