I’m Kimberly, and I’m obsessed with helping bloggers make their little space in the internet world all pretty! If you struggle with tech and need help getting your website setup… I’m your girl.

hey there,
i'm Kim

Helping You Elevate Your Branding Style

I began my blogging career as a fashion & lifestyle blogger. Building my website lead me to a deeper hidden passion – Developing websites. I wanted to use my knowledge of website design to create amazing websites for other bloggers and solopreneurs.

Girl! I’ve been there, so I know your head is full of ideas on how to make your website look gorgeous.

 Let me help you take the worry out of this part of your website design so that you can focus on what you do best- creating BOMB content!

Lets Work Together

“I remember the rush I would get when first creating my first blog…I want to help others experience that same excitement”

I learned to knit from watching a YouTube video years ago. I still enjoy knitting whenever
I can find the time.

Fun Facts About Me...

I love to binge-watch The Golden Girls. They take me to my happy place.

I was a cheerleader in the 7th & 8th grade, even though I was extremely shy.

Although most of my life I’ve lived here in Chicago, I’ve also lived in three other states
including, Ohio, South Carolina, and Mississippi.

I love anything, “coffee-flavored.” I had my first sip of coffee when I was about six
years old, and I’ve been drinking it ever since.


I Can't Live Without...

Haribo gummy bears...I love pretty much any gummy candy, but when it comes to gummy bears they have to the Haribo brand.

The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips...its a bit dark, but such a good read.  So disappointed that she never wrote any more books.


My Favorite Book Is...

LIFE with Eddie Murphy & Martin Lawrence...so silly, but I can watch it over and over.


My Favorite Movie...